Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In the Mind of Mike

interesting facts About New Zealand I've been in the country for a week now and I've noticed some interesting things about New Zealand. Here they are in no particular order -They love rotaries! They make it seem as though Cape Cod hates rotaries and that's saying something. -There are 5 million people but 9x as many sheep. -The public transportation around Auckland is actually pretty good but the buses usually only have a couple people on them. -They have a lot less brands to pick from in the grocery store. -Everyone is really friendly -They have weird words for lots of things such as: -flying fox=zip line - togs= bathing suit - jandals= flip flops -biscuit= cookie -jumper= sweatshirt/jacket -sweet as= cool. You can add as onto pretty much anything. Such as cold as or easy as. It's almost like how Massachusetts used wicked. -Fast food menus are different here. KFC is the most different. Instead of wedges they have regular fries and instead of biscuits they have rolls. -Oreos taste different. I'm not happy about this one. -They don't have refrigerated cookie dough. This is the biggest issue I have encountered so far. -They charge you for bags at some stores. I really like that idea. -All the toilets have two flush options. A full flush and a half flush. -They don't have central heating. This causes you to be able to see your breath sometimes when you wake up. Thats all for now but I'm sure I'll post some more at some point. I should have a post up about orientation before next week.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When Do I Need Mannequins for Sale in My Business?

A lot of things hit your eyes everyday without raising any interest, yet you are familiar with them and you don't even ask yourself where they come from or who makes them. As a child, watching mannequins around stores was fascinating. They looked just like you, but way taller. Today, they are out of interest. But what happens when you get ready to open a fashion store? Looking after mannequins for sale suddenly becomes a necessity. Once you get deeper inside your business, you will easily find a few manufacturers and can make a smart decision based on the price and quality. You don't want your new mannequins to wreck as you dress them up, but you also don't want the most expensive ones.

Every Clothing Store Should Have Display Mannequins

display mannequins enable passers-by to see the products available for sale. Stores that use mannequins in their display windows enjoy increased sales and turnover over shops that don't display or decorate their windows. People enjoy window shopping when they are out and when competing with thousands of online businesses, when you get a potential customer walk by the store, you want them to come in and see what else you have for sale.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Have Ideal Home With Instant Home

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